seeking a responsible alternative to alcohol©

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We are seeking a community of investors who want to make a difference

We will shortly be looking to fund this unique new project which could allow us all to make new healthy choices about the way we relax

and enjoy ourselves in the future, without the fear of chronic

addiction, without aggression, and without the damage

alcohol causes to our health and our society.


Come and join us, we are looking for a community of up

to 1000 individuals large and small who are prepared

to support and invest. You can help us achieve a

worthwhile goal and be part of an enormous

force for good.


You are unlikely to receive any return for 3 - 4 years

save for knowledge that it's probably because of

your contribution that someone, somewhere

has not started on the road to ruin.


If we make it that far our journey will have been

worthwhile, we will be a force for good,

and  your  investment  will  have  

been successful socially and financially.


Further announcements coming later in 2017


We are beginning to move forwards - further information will be made as appropriate