seeking a responsible alternative to alcohol©

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We are seeking investors who want to make a difference

We are now looking to fund this unique new project which could

allow us all to make new healthy choices about the way we

relax and enjoy ourselves in the future, without the fear

of chronic addiction, without aggression, and without

much of the damage alcohol causes to our health

and our society.


We are currently speaking to investors who are prepared to

support us and advance our vision of creating a safe

alternative to alcohol, achieving a worthwhile goal

and striving to be an enormous force for good.


Investors are unlikely to receive any return for three

to four years - save for the knowledge that their

contribution means that someone, somewhere has

not started on the road to ruin.


If we are successful our journey will have been

very worthwhile, we will be a force for good,

and our investors will have helped to

make that happen.



We are beginning to move forwards - further information will be made as appropriate