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Wouldn’t it be great if a night of drinking didn’t pose a risk to our health and we could wake up the next morning feeling fresh and ready to go?


Alcarelle is committed to scientific research to gain a better understanding of alcohol, and of alcohol-free alternatives. Our goal is to develop an alcohol-free adult beverage, which imitates the aspects of alcohol that we all want – sociability, relaxation, fun - but without those horrible harmful effects that cause so much damage to our health.


Over the last 20 years of research, there have been huge developments in brain science. These advances have paved the way for exciting new ventures into alternative adult beverages. Alcarelle believes that tapping into this and future research has the potential to dramatically improve our lives and overall health.


Alcohol’s role in society is firmly embedded, and who can argue? We all love a drink or two! However, alcohol can also cause addiction, aggression and damage to health in a number of ways which we at Alcarelle are determined to avoid. ‘Free-from alcohol’ alternatives would not be intended to replace alcoholic beverages altogether. Rather, Alcarelle’s goal is for modern science enable the drinks industry to generate additional beverage options for health-conscious consumers.


If Alcarelle are successful, making an easy switch to truly enjoyable free-from alcohol products could mean that a fun night out with friends or colleagues is no longer fraught with the dangers that we must navigate today with conventional alcoholic drinks.