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Alcohol can be enjoyable in certain settings, but it can also cause untold misery in countless families around the world today.


If you are concerned by the damage alcohol does to individuals and society then perhaps you can help us bring alcarelle and its aims to the attention of your circle of family and friends.


alcarelle is engaged in research and development of safer and healthier alternatives to alcohol which preserve the pleasurable aspects of alcohol while avoiding many of the negative side effects. Alcohol can cause addiction, aggression and damage to health in a number of ways which we are determined to avoid.


The work is not finished and questions remain to be answered. But we believe the end result is worth the investment in time, effort and money that this project requires.  The long term benefits to people and society will be enormous. 


There is obviously great potential for alcarelle to become a successful business. If we succeed, alcarelle will provide a percentage of its income to research initiatives to develop a wider range of products that offer enjoyable alternatives to drinking ethanol. Some will be used to influence government and we will use our success to build a viable long term business ensuring the future availability of choice for those who prefer to drink a safer and more responsible alternative to alcohol. 










It's a crime . . . .