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Our goal ?

To ensure every adult is able to choose a safer more resonsible alternative to alcohol.


Why ?

Because the cost of doing nothing is just too enormous.


Why is it possible now ?

Because science has come a long way. Our understanding of how alcohol affects the brain and the body has increased beyond recognition. We know so much more today about how we might enjoy the good things in life without causing the harm we have come to believe as inevitable.


What benefits can we expect ? 

Science suggests that by avoiding the by-products from the metabolisation of alcohol, we may avoid the damage many of us experience in organs such as the heart, the liver, and the brain. There is the potential to reduce the occurence of over 60 diseases including breast cancer and sclerosis of the liver that are known to result from alcohol consumption.


Where are we now ?

alcarelle has several exciting candidate beverages, 'Safe And Responsile Alternatives to Alcohol',

( SARAA'S ) at different stages of develpoment. We are working within regulatory frameworks to bring these to market as ordinary drinks for ordinary people, to safely improve their social drinking experiences.


When ?

There is work to do and 2019 is looking to be a busy year . . . .